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We are living an era where we continue on our course for uncharted territories. Our mission is to bring a beacon of hope into people’s hearts.

We highly appreciate your continual support of SUNNY SIDE UP.
With the slogan, “Let’s have fun!”, we have been improving values by means of formation of movements and branding, centering on businesses related to communications, such as PR activities. Such businesses are PR-focused and range widely from areas of sport and entertainment to content creation.


To “have fun”, it is essential for us to grasp the various phenomenons and the essence of the atmosphere of
our time – the zeitgeist of modernity. In that sense,
while confronting the present and looking ahead,
our mission is to both raise concerning issues
and present strategic solutions to provide clarity
and a feeling of exhilaration.

As you may be aware, Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games. The keyword, “2020,” will extend its reach not only as a 2-week sports festival but also as a word that includes the design of this country’s future, from how Japan will have a development vision, how the Tokyo area will be stimulated, how to nurture human resources, to what image and concept of Japan should be introduced to the world until the games begin. We believe that we can play a major role as this keyword extends its reach.

In terms of this country’s future, an unavoidable reality
of a dwindling birth rate and an aging population will trigger
the conversion of an economic framework and concept of values. As a mature nation in an international society, the country will be questioned of what responsibilities it should take to tackle environmental and societal issues. Looking at Asia, the important agenda is how Japan will find a way to work and come to terms with surrounding political issues.

Our mission further involves taking a courageous step forward where an unknown and unexpected future awaits, believing in the power of people, exercising wisdom, and taking actions, all while creating an overall positive energy. It is all up to the person to feel if the current time and future is bright or not. "Fun" is the essential component that weaves courage and hope in our hearts. By gathering and collecting all forms of information, data, concepts, and opinions, we expand our role into scenes where hope is needed most.



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