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  • A Website that contains content intended to libel or defame ”SSU”’s business, services and credibility.
  • A Website that contains material offensive to public order and morality.
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  • A Website whose managers or operators are unclear or, whose operators are identified only by user names or other aliases, or sites which are operated indirectly through third parties.


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Handling of Personal Information

Concerning the Handling of Personal Information, please click the below link:

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Your access history is recorded. However, such information will be used for the purposes of statistics and analysis concerning this Website and will not, in principle, be used for other purposes; if, however, submission is demanded by a public legal institution (i.e. a court or a police agency) pursuant to legal or regulatory procedures, an access history may be disclosed.


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All information on this Website is subject to change without prior notice. In addition, “SSU” may suspend or cease operations of this Website without prior notice. Also, “SSU” assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any troubles and damages resulting from changes of information and suspension or ceasing the operations of this Website.

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