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SSU Launch of Global Communications Unit

The PR enterprise agency, Sunny Side Up (SSU), is launching their new Global Communications Unit (GCU) on September 24th. As a local PR/marketing partner, GCU will provide supporting services for PR/Marketing for international companies, brands, events, and services from overseas when establishing their business in the Japanese Market.

Towards the year 2020, the number of international companies and brands who aim to expand their business into the Japanese market is continually increasing, and as a result, the number of job offers for SSU from international clients for consulting work and PR/promotional support in Japan is steadily increasing as well. Currently, we have been working with various international brands and event organizers, such as the chocolate bar from New York, “Max Brenner”, the casual dining restaurant from Australia, “bills”, and the new style of social contribution activities with musical artists, “RockCorps”, from the US, to successfully reach their goals and expand overall public awareness.

With plenty of experience launching and promoting various services and events (entertainment, sports, fashion, film, etc.) from home and abroad throughout Japan, we will provide strategic and workable solutions (the necessary marketing, communication, and PR/promotion services) for international clients as their Japanese local partner (a “Japan Concierge”).

Sunny Side Up is one of the largest PR agencies in Japan and has continuously and successfully set the standard for innovative modern trends, events, and movements over the past 30 years.

Scope of Service
– Marketing & Communications service centering on PR & Promotion.
(i.e., Strategic PR planning, Media solutions, Press Conferences, Events & Campaigns, etc)
– Consulting work of marketing analysis and business plan development.
– Content planning and development, etc.

Previous works
*We have more! Please contact us for further previous works.
RockCorps (Volunteer/Music Event)
bills (Casual Dining Restaurant)