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DX in the coffee industry - TYPICA connects coffee bean farmers with roasters Bringing raw coffee beans closer to home-TYPICA

TYPICA Holdings, Inc.


“TYPICA” is the world’s first online platform that allows roasters to purchase raw coffee beans directly from the source in small batches (1 hemp sack = 60kg). In an industry where the norm was to purchase coffee in units of containers (18 tons), TYPICA allows small growers to make their beans available to the world. In addition, traceability of the beans is achieved, bringing roasters and consumers peace of mind. Direct trading of beans directly contributes to improving quality of  life for the growers as well, and is an effective way to reduce poverty in developing countries.  


What we did:

① Joint press event with TYPICA and roasters 

Since TYPICA is a platform used by businesses (roasters), we needed to make it relevant and relatable for consumers by communicating the merits of the service. Using the facilities of one of the coffee roasters who purchase their raw beans from TYPICA, roast the coffee and serve the coffee to their customers as the venue, the launch event included a talk session to communicate the benefits of TYPICA from the roaster`s perspective. We successfully positioned TYPICA as a platform offering benefits to enrich the lives of consumers through the event.

② SDGs as a media hook 

As temperatures continue to rise around the world, the area suitable for growing coffee is predicted to decrease by up to 50% by 2050, an issue known as “Coffee 2050”. Arabica, one of the most popular varieties, will be most impacted and the issue will be further compounded as large coffee farms expand, driving smaller growers out of the market. TYPICA has been designed to address this issue by enhancing the sustainability of coffee. 

At the media seminar, we featured testimonials from a small coffee grower who uses TYPICA, to demonstrate the merits of the platform from the grower’s perspective, further supporting the SDGs messaging.

③Service available in 59 countries around the world 

The platform has been well received since its huge launch, and service is now available in 59 countries with more than 1000 roasters in Japan taking advantage of TYPICA. 

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