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Next generation vertical farming - Infarm Asia’s first ever indoor urban farming – Infarm

Indoor Urban Farming Japan


Vegetables and herbs grown at Infarm can be used as ingredients for cooking or as garnishes because they are fresh. Minimizing the “food mileage” (the distance products travel from grower to consumer), consumers can enjoy the freshest herbs and vegetables at the height of their nutritional quality. Sold with the roots intact, the produce retain their freshness if soaked in water at room temperature. 



① Developing an eye-catching catch phrase “Urban Farm Veggy”

SSU consulted on developing the catch phrase, point-of-sale items and package design from a PR perspective, making sure that all content had value for both media and consumers. Using the phrase “Urban Farm Veggy”, Infarm’s concept and products were communicated in a format that was easy to understand, relevant and would amplify buzz around the launch. 

② Creating a buzz by introducing in mainstream supermarkets in Tokyo

Infarm launched in three locations, all with different customer demographics and needs. Customers were drawn to the fresh scent of the herbs and vegetables, enticing many to purchase them. Infarm will be introduced in other locations around Japan, as a way to expand the concept of purchasing herbs and vegetables straight from the source, with the roots intact. 

③ Branding focused on sustainability 

Communicated the new standard of farming to consumers through the media: “99.5% less land compared to standard farming” “95% reduction in water use” “90% less food mileage (transportation from farm to table)” “chemical free”

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