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Making access easy with Luup Electric micro mobility sharing service – Luup

Luup, Inc.


Luup is a micro mobility app for shareable electrical mobile devices such as bicycles and scooters. Based on the concept of making access to train stations easier for everyone, Luup is involved in promoting the micro mobility lifestyle as a whole. 


What we did:

① Introducing the new service as a lifestyle 

While the business aspect of this new service naturally attracted a lot of attention, it was essential to incorporate the service into a lifestyle to make it part of the everyday. Luup was promoted as an ideal mode of transportation under the pandemic, allowing consumers to avoid the 3C’s for both business and pleasure since it could be used wearing a skirt, slacks or even a suit. 

② Touch & Try Event for lifestyle media 

As part of the government’s trial for safe operations of electrical scooters, a touch & try event was held for lifestyle media. First-hand experience of the Luup scooters helped gain the understanding of the service and its merits. 

③ Increase in users leading to expanded business 

PR activities helped created a buzz around the launch despite the overwhelming news around the pandemic and state of emergency. Users continue to increase, leading to gradual expansion of the business to regions outside of Tokyo and partnerships with corporations.

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