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Advocating new values through the power of PR – “PARK+”, where humans and robots co-exist A new lifestyle where humans and robots co-exist – “PARK+”

PARK+ Executive Committee


“PARK+” is a community gathering spot that was developed to support the realization of a lifestyle where Partner Robots and humans co-exist. In partnership with GROOVE X and Café Company, SSU formed the PARK+ Organizing Committee and launched PARK+ as a way to communicate information about the culture and innovations of the Partner Robot industry. Sharp, Yamaha and Mixi have joined the efforts as partners, to create a space where visitors can interact with Partner Robots from different manufacturers and exchange information.


What we did:

① Competitors coming together to expand the industry’s potential

Wanting to bring competitors together toward a common goal, PARK+ features 44 different robots from 4 corporations, LOVOT (LOVOT), Sharp (RoBoHoN), Yamaha (Charlie) and Mixi (Romi). Owners of other Partner Robots as well as non-owners are encouraged to visit PARK+ to expand their knowledge and understanding of Partner Robots, and the venue is designed to transcend brands and manufacturers. 

② Story telling from a PR perspective 

Living with a Partner Robot is still not part of the norm, so we developed a PR story to overcome some of the potential obstacles.

2021 marked the 101st anniversary of the word “robot” being introduced into the English  vocabulary. Establishing 2021 as the “first year of Partner Robots” with the launch of PARK+, we communicated information that would position Partner Robots as “partners who fulfill people’s lives by enriching their souls”, moving away from the image of robots as machines.

③ Establishing a new value and lifestyle where humans co-exist with robots

PARK+ is a platform that supports owners, non-owners as well as partner brands. Existing owners can communicate with other Partner Robots and owners while non-owners have an opportunity to encounter and learn about Partner Robots in general, and partner brands can potentially increase sales through enhanced awareness and understanding of Partner Robots. PARK+ crowdfunding was supported by both owners and non-owners, bringing this new lifestyle that much closer to becoming part of the standard. 

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