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Strengthen cooperation by making contribution visible Peer bonus system “Unipos” – strengthening teamwork by making contributions visible

Unipos Inc.
Period of Contract
May, 2018 ~ November, 2019


“Unipos” is a peer bonus system where coworkers send each other a small bonus with messages of gratitude. SSU handled PR for the new peer bonus system which launched in June 2017, with the goal of increasing corporate clients. We successfully communicated the benefits of a “peer bonus” system through business outlets, contributing to an increase in corporate clients. Unipos was incorporated by 200 companies by January 2019 (18 months post launch) and 300 by September of the same year. 


What we did

SSU was responsible for strategy development and execution of a comprehensive PR project. In addition to a press release which included statistics (number of companies using Unipos, total accumulated peer bonus points, etc.), a factbook was created to stimulate media interest about industry trends in HR technology and salaries, along with profiles of company spokespeople who were available for interviews. Newsworthiness around Unipos was maximized through media seminars, events and opinion polls. 


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