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Environmentally friendly food – flavored noodles with a 5 year shelf life at room temperature! Latest in “instant (retort) noodles” -TABLE STOCK



“TABLE STOCK” is a pre-cooked, packaged food that uses the latest patented technology for flavored noodles that are delicious. The noodles and sauce remain separate even in the same package, avoiding soggy noodles. The series of “tasty non-perishable foods” can be stored at room temperature for up to 5 years, and can be easily reheated by soaking in boiling water, and the delicious results have changed the negative image of “instant” food. “TABLE STOCK” is ideal not only for emergency situations (such as natural disasters), but for outdoor activities like hiking and camping, as well as for everyday use. 


What we did:

① Using eye-catching phrases “stock foods” “advanced retort noodles” 

First, we developed eye-catching PR phrases to enhance awareness for the ”TABLESTOCK” brand by incorporating the unique features of the product such as the “stockability” and ease of preparation. These catch phrases successfully secured media and consumer attention. 

② Promoting different scenarios of use 

Focusing on the fact that the products are ideal for many different scenarios, we customized the story/media angle based on the characteristics of the media in our media outreach. For instance, “TABLE STOCK” is ideal as stock items for disaster preparation. Casting a hiking guide, we positioned the brand for use in outdoor activities. From and SDGs perspective, “TABLE STOCK” can help reduce food loss if used as a standard pantry item. It is also ideal for those living alone or needing a quick, delicious meal because it is easy to prepare. Our multi-messaging tactic led to coverage in a wide range of media from food outlets to those covering business and SDGs. Nikkei Trendy, one of the top “trend” information outlets, included “TABLE STOCK” in their 2021 hit product list, leading to coverage on TV, a boon for PR in Japan. 

③ Media exposure leading to new business opportunities

Brand awareness expanded greatly due to coverage on TV, newspapers, print magazines, online outlets and social media, leading to expanded business opportunities with inquiries from food manufacturer, retailers and other corporations who were interested in purchasing the products. 


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