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A fusion of digital and real where creatures from encyclopedias come to life – ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA powered by Shogakukan NEO ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA

Zukan Museum Limited Liability Partnership


An immersive, experiential facility where digital technology brings creatures from encyclopedias to life, visitors to ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA are placed in the environment where these creatures live, experiencing a typical day in their lives as they roam the earth and interact with other creatures. A 24 hour day is reenacted in 24 minutes, so that visitors can experience the changes from morning to night and in different weather conditions. Given a tool to navigate their adventure, visitors can search for creatures, learn about their habitat and characteristics, and record their experience. 


What we did:

① Project commemorating Shogakukan’s centennial 

A press conference was held in advance of the opening of the museum to announce the project which was part of the company’s centennial celebration. We secured exposure in newspapers and business outlets, building up excitement and anticipation for the opening. 

② Preview for media and Influencers

Media and Influencers were invited to preview the facility in advance of opening to the public, to maximize coverage on mass and social media, ensuring that information about ZUKAN MUSEUM would be easy to find. 

③ Coverage leading to more coverage, including TV 

Coverage leading up to the opening was mostly in newspapers and online outlets, so a concentrated effort was made to secure TV coverage following the opening. Using past coverage as evidence of the popularity of the facility and introducing the various unique features, we set up a communication scheme that would have a ripple effect. As a result, exposure on TV totaled more than 80 minutes, enhancing awareness among consumers. 

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