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Working with society to change the future for women – W society Designing Female Empowerment – W society



W Society is a project which supports female empowerment by addressing issues both physical and emotional from the women’s perspective (W) and the society’s perspective (society). The goal is “a society that allows all women to lead a fulfilling lifestyle that meets their expectations”. SSU was responsible for comprehensive PR activities which included casting of the project ambassador, launch event, creative design and social media operations. 


What we did:

① Implementation and revolution using knowledge, education, and change 

The project was designed to bring public and private organizations, including educational facilities together, to address the issues faced by women all around the nation. 

② “egg week” – an opportunity to become aware of one’s body

October 28 to November 4, 2021, was designated “egg week”, and a campaign was held to enhance awareness for one’s body. The first step was to expand literacy around AMH testing, as a way for women to understand their options and opportunities based on the condition of their reproductive system.  

③ Hybrid event with project Ambassadors and Influencers 

A hybrid press conference was held with W society Ambassadors Uta Abe (judo), Seina Shimabukuro (model) and Mila Hasegawa (model). The importance of “pre-conception care” was communicated via owned and mass media. 

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