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Our PR company becomes established a group. Aimed at mid/long-term development, we own several subsidiary companies. By developing various businesses, we create both corporate and business synergy.

PR know-how, commonly used in all businesses, is the very core in creating unique businesses for us.
At the same time, we are contributing to the effectiveness of each business. The various businesses can be classified into the following "2 areas and 5 businesses."

  1. 1. Marketing Support to execute client work

    Handling of clients’ marketing-related problem resolutions, and executing client work ranging from strategy development to execution and management of tactics.

    • Our group’s core business, marketing communications, provides total marketing communication support to our clients, including promotion, digital marketing, and the creation of casting based advertisements, in addition to the PR services we have been providing from the start.
    • "SP/MD business" provides shop-front promotions (SP = sales promotions) and the planning and manufacturing of products (MD = merchandising), with a focus on a competitive edge in terms of purchase contact point.
    • “Sports business,” which specializes in the field of sports (the company has since pulled out of athlete management, and extended the area of business to sports promotions thereafter).
  2. 2. New Creation, which enables us to make our own decisions, and move forward through risk taking.

    • “Development business,” is the creation of our group’s very own business ventures. Such ventures are a result of a combination of our marketing knowledge and diverse business concepts and ideas, which have been gathered from different perspectives all over the world.
    • The "bills restaurant business", which originally started the pancake trend, focuses on expanding casual all-day dining not only into different areas in Japan, but globally as well. bills restaurant is a spin-off business from the above “development business.”

    We regard our development business as an important business that will drive our mid/long-term development in the future.

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