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Shareholder Return Policy

Dividend policy

We regard “ROE” as one of the most important management benchmarks in our mid-term management plan, “Road to 2020 and beyond”, and we have set our management goal to achieve high ROE by 2020.

Achieving this goal is not exactly easy, but we have set the goal so as to indicate our strong intention to seek profitability and management efficiency to maximize shareholder value. We will continue making every effort to maximize shareholder value.

We would like to comprehensively take into account the financial soundness and internal reserve for the future business investments, and implement dividends in a proactive and consistent manner.

Historical Dividends

  Year-End Dividend per Share Dividend Total Net Income
FY2016 *forecast
(ending June 2016)
30 Yen 105 Million Yen 88 Million Yen
(ending June 2015)
10 Yen 35 Million Yen -330 Million Yen
(ending June 2014)
20 Yen 70 Million Yen -7 Million Yen
(ending June 2013)
20 Yen 70 Million Yen 353 Million Yen
(ending June 2012)
7.5 Yen 25 Million Yen 215 Million Yen
(ending June 2011)
3.75 Yen 12 Million Yen 69 Million Yen
(ending June 2010)
0 Yen 0 Million Yen -418 Million Yen
(ending June 2009)
0 Yen 0 Million Yen 0 Million Yen

The year-end dividend per share for the period between FY 2009 and FY 2012 is a figure that reflects a four-for-one stock split (implemented in December 2012).


Acquisition of Treasury Stock

Acquisition period Amount Method
2014/11/12 30 Million Yen Off-Auction Own Share
Repurchase Trading System
2010/2/15-2010/3/31 31 Million Yen via Market

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