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President’s message

We make future, with fun

SUNNY SIDE UP celebrated its 35th year in July 2019.

It is often said that it is very difficult for a company to be active in business for more than 30 years. However, we have been able to continue to grow through the combined efforts of our talented staff members, the development of new business opportunities, and the support of our dedicated business partners. Another important factor is our never changing philosophy to take on and adjust to the dynamically changing pace of society and the world.

In a society filled with unpredictable, compassionate people, our task is to create and share news, to bring out the best in individuals, and to create new standards and values for the common good.

Our mission is very tough. We have plenty of success stories to share, but we cannot just replicate them. Our ideas must always be fresh and original, since there is no guarantee that yesterday’s hit will be as successful.

That is why we try to enjoy the creative process.

We are fearless and this is our advantage. We forge on with determination and motivation, driven by curiosity, all while taking on challenges that may not always be mainstream.

Our spirit hasn’t changed. Considering that many of our clients request “SUNNY SIDE UP style” proposals and ideas, we can only assume they appreciate us as a unique business partner.

We anticipate that we will be even busier in the upcoming years. In 2020, Tokyo will host a huge event, and people will come from all over the world to experience the excitement first hand. We want to be part of the action, and our growth will involve projects with a global perspective.

Although it would be ideal to expect only good news, we know that we need to be realistic and be prepared for difficult situations in the years ahead.

In fact, we will continue to be driven to overcome adversity and change our perspectives as necessary. That is why we are excited about the business opportunities that are presented to us.

We will carry on as a company that provides a unique solution, a company that is a joy to work with, and a company that is fun and exciting.

Etsuko Tsugihara