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Make “International Women Day” into Japanese new culture! PR activities to spread the awareness of “International Women Day”

Women Innovation Institution


Women Innovation is an institute that work towards the dissemination of International Womens Day”-a memorial day which the United Nations set as March 8th. We supported their work by promoting HAPPY WOMEN AWARD 2019, which recognize women who have been playing great role in the world.


What we did

In order to make “International Women’s day” part of Japanese new culture, starting with holding Awards, we worked on PR activities in various angles. As part of it, we made March 8th “Premium Women’s day” in our company as part of our unique welfare system “32 Benefits”. On this day, working hour is until 15:00, and to award female members who always work hard, we give them presents such as food delivery service, house cleaning service, and head spa.

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