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World’s top female leaders’ gathering “W20 JAPAN 2019” W20 JAPAN 2019

W20 Management Secretariat
Period of Contract
March 2018


“W20 (Women 20)” is one of the engagement group in G20 that is influencing the formation of the new international economic order by advocating the policy for women towards G20 leaders. On March, 2019, “W20 JAPAN 2019” was held in Japan for the first time, and top leaders from all over the world discussed women’s advancement in Japan and over the world.

*G20 – An organization consisting of 20 countries‐7 countries in the Summit of Major Industrialized Nations, EU, Russia, and 11 developing nations


What we did

Etsuko Tsugihara, the President and Representative Director of our company, has been appointed as a member of W20 and participated in the conference. Along with that, as a company, we supported this event with PR and management.

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