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Shin Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium – creating a new scene in the Toyosu area Opening reception for Shin Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium

Tokyo Gas Site Development
Period of Contract
July, 2014 ongoing


“TOYOSU Kaigi” was started in 2014 as a way to bring young opinion leaders together to discuss development ideas for the Toyosu area. Headed by former Olympian Dai Tamesue, the group established a basic philosophy “Creating an environment and scene that allows individuals of various physical capabilities to come together”. The Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium is host to a wide variety of events, programs and research centered around Disabled Sports.


What we did

SUNNY SIDE UP has been involved with the organization since 2014 in event planning and overall PR support. At the opening reception, we were able to generate media exposure in newspapers, magazines and online through our event planning and PR activities.

SUNNY SIDE UP will continue to use our expertise to spread the excitement and vibrancy of the Toyosu area as we head into 2020.

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