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Spreading Japanese OMOTENASHI to the world OMOTENASHI NIPPON Project

OMOTENASHI NIPPON planning committee (OMOTENASHI ,INC., Hakuhodo Inc.,Microsoft Japan,Franchise Advantage Inc., SUNNY SIDE UP inc.)
Period of Contract
From April 15th, 2014 onward


Its key phrase is “spreading Japanese OMOTENASHI to the world”. In this project, we seek out Japanese products and services that epitomize the spirit of “omotenashi,” Japan’s unique hospitality, and present them to an international audience. The items are evaluated and selected, with global appeal in mind, by a panel made up of Japanese and expats residing in Japan.


What we did

“OMOTENASHI (Hospitality)” is a unique Japanese value. As Japan will gain more attention with the approaching 2020 Olympic Games, Sunny Side Up started this project to expand upon this unique culture as a way to stimulate the Japanese economy and increase awareness of Japan and its products. As the main organizer of the project, we sought out partner corporations and developed and managed collaboration events. The annual OMOTENASHI Selection Award involves a formal awards ceremony and unveiling event. SSU also arranged exhibitions in Japan and overseas, and a online shopping site has been set up through partnership with the postal service and ANA.
The ultimate goal of the OMOTENASHI Selection project is to open up new markets by sharing these unique treasures with consumers, both domestic and international.

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