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Disseminating information about the appeal of Japanese products! Hidetoshi Nakata searches for staff for project in Brazil “Japanese Manufacturing × ReVALUE NIPPON” Project



Hidetoshi Nakata is greatly motivated to spread the appeal of Japanese culture, tradition, agriculture and manufacturing to the world. He worked closely with NIKKEN SOGYO CO.,LTD, who supports his activities, to launch a new project called “Japanese Manufacturing × ReVALUE NIPPON “, using the job search website “eWork” which specializes in manufacturing.
Hidetoshi Nakata is featured in a TV commercial with the theme “search for your vocation, not a corporation”, proposing fulfilling jobs in manufacturing to young Japanese people. As part of this project, we looked for staff to man the “ Cafe 2014” produced by Nakata in Brazil. 2 people were selected to represent Japan, and promote the appeal of Japanese culture.

What we did

In addition to staff casting, SSU was in charge of project planning, and operational and PR activities. Thanks to its originality, subject matter and because it involved a high profile figure, we succeeded in attracting media attention and the applications poured in. We also organized both the send off ceremony at the Brazilian embassy and the opening reception in Brazil. Both events generated a lot of attention and were reported by the domestic and foreign media.

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