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Development of a new version of "BE@RBRICK" known for collaboration works with artists and companies BE@RBRICK with lucky number, “BE@RBRICK WOW!” PLANNING&DEVELOPMENT

Medicom Toy Corporation Convenience Stores, Hobby Shops, Home electric appliances Stores


This BE@RBRICK is a limited edition. In addition, some of them contain a lucky number to win luxury prizes on the spot. This is a new version of BE @ RBRICK.


BE@RBRICK is a bear shaped block figure which was created based on the concept of digitally imaged teddy bear for the 100th anniversary of beloved teddy bears. Artists, brands and companies attracted by its cute form printed their own design on blank BE@RBRICK figures. Thousands varieties of collaboration works have been launched on the market and there are fans for this artistic toy all over the world.

What we did

Sunny Side Up works with Medicom Toy Corporation for the production of “BE@RBRICK WOW!” and organizes in-store sales. We develop a product sales and operation scheme in order to maximize the benefits of in-store sales and expectations from fans. After trial sales and modifications to the scheme related to sales channels, we launched this product on the market. We also handled sales promotion and PR activities. As a result, many people purchased the product. We continue planning the BE@RBRICK collaboration project to keep it being enjoyed by its fans.

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