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A popular gourmet burger restaurant attracts huge crowds on opening day New York’s #1 gourmet burger restaurant Shake Shack®

Period of Contract
November 2015~


Founded in New York, Shake Shack is known for its unique style. The restaurant is committed to its ideals which include using only top quality ingredients from reliable sources, incorporating an environmentally conscious store design, and contributing to the local community. It was ranked the most popular hamburger restaurant in 2014 Zagat’s NYC list, among other recognitions. Beginning with the launch of the first location in Japan in November, 2015, SSU has been responsible for overall PR as well as consultation on store location, menu development and local community activity in Japan.


What we did

SSU is responsible for the development and execution of PR and media promotional activities for tasting sessions and preview events for media (TV, magazine, newspapers and online), food journalists, Instagrammers, and celebrity talent. Interviews are also set up with key spokespeople to maximize media exposure. Strategically controlling the flow of information, we have successfully estabished branding and increased overall product recognition.

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