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32 Employee Benefits Package

We are a company creating a buzz, and we expect our staff to work hard but with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. The 32 Supports System is designed especially for our highly motivated staff. It is made up of a full benefits package, a unique and fun support scheme found only at SSU, as well as specific programs designed from ideas presented by our staff. Let us share them all with you!

  1. #01 “Buzz and Fun” Benefit

    The company covers a part of the cost of experiencing a live event of the day, such as music, movie, theater play, Rakugo, sports and art.

  2. #02 Self Improvement

    In support of employees who are interested in improving and expanding their skills and expertise, the company covers the cost of training or seminars. Upon approval, employees are also able to take long leave of absences to fulfill those goals.

  3. #03 Sunny’s Library

    “To stop reading books, is like committing suicide” said Doppo Kunikida. The company covers the costs of book purchases to encourage regular reading. From business related books to best sellers, all of us share books as well as book reports.

  4. #04 Happy Sunny Days 

    The company encourages staff to go for field work once a month to expand their knowledge and to communicate with people outside of the company. On a sunny day, the president may ask the staff to leave the office and work offsite.

  5. #05 MVT Award 

    The company recognizes employees who help fulfill the SSU’s philosophy, to be a company creating a buzz.

  6. #06 Award Winning Recognition

    Details not disclosed to the public.

  7. #07 Standing Out 

    The company will award any staff who creates a buzz and capture people’s attention. Each employee creates his or her own target for approval by the President. If it is achieved, the company awards the employee. Sample targets are to qualify for the Olympic Games, to be awarded a Nobel prize, to receive a Guinness certification, to be interviewed by newspapers and so on…

  8. #08 Loyalty and Dedication Benefit

    The company provides a financial incentive and extra paid holidays to employees serving the company for an extended period of time. More paid holidays taken, more cash rewards!

  9. #09 Club Activities Support

    The company encourages its staff to join any kind of extra curricular activities, outdoors as well as indoors.

  10. #10 Teamwork Building and Company Events

    The company covers a part of the cost for social get togethers such as the year end and new year’s eve parties. The support is not just for a department, but can be applied to employees sharing the same Chinese zodiac, or employees who come from the same region, to encourage interaction and communication.

  11. #11 Staying motivated – male employees

    Employees chosen at the monthly morning meeting are offered lunch (or any other meal) with the company’s President. There have been occasions when employees have requested home-made dessert at the president’s home.

    *SSU promotes diversity as well as LGBT practices. Regardless of their gender, employees can apply to #11 or #12.

  12. #12 Staying motivated – female employees

    Employees chosen at the monthly morning meeting can have a beauty therapy session partially financed by the company.

    *SSU promotes diversity as well as LGBT practices. Regardless of their gender, employees can apply to #11 or #12.

  13. #13 Siesta Time

    The company officially encourages employees to have an afternoon nap. Employees can take one for up to 30 minutes between 12:00 and 15:00. Employees just need to display a sign to alert other employees , and can even borrow pajamas, nighties, pillows, futons, hammocks and so on from the company.

  14. #14 Community Activity 

    The company encourages employees to get involved in socially conscious activities. Up to 5 days leave per year can be taken, on the condition that the experience is shared with the company via a follow-up report.

  15. #15 Eco-Friendly SSU 

    The company promotes eco-friendly activities. In August 2011, the company closed its office, and asked employees to work from home every Friday. The company applies hyper COOL-BIZ in summer and hyper WARM-BIZ in winter.

  16. #16 Premium Friday
    (Tanokin Program)

    Our work hours for the last Friday of every month is now 10:00~15:00 (4 hours shorter). “Tanokin” is SSU’s way of making Premium Friday more enjoyable for our staff. We encourage our staff to plan ahead, and take full advantage of the extended weekend to spend with family, friends or to pamper themselves.

  17. #17 Sunny Baby 

    The company offers monetary support for the first baby of a married couple both working at SSU and/or its group companies, and the amount is increased for the second child. (Available only to current staff)

  18. #18 Corporate Entrepreneurship

    The company occasionally accepts applications and proposals for new business ideas and provides financial support for the approved projects. The entrepreneur is assigned as the project leader and can appoint outside staff as employees for the project.

  19. #19 Walking for Happiness

    Employees who walk an average of 10,000 steps or more a month will reap both monetary and heallth benefits. Recently, our staircases seem to be attracting a crowd!

  20. #20 Family Holidays

    Employees are welcome to take an annual one-day holiday to spend time with their loved ones.

  21. #21 Birthday Holiday

    Employees can take a day off on their birthday. If they decide to work on their birthday, team members are encouraged to celebrate in the office.

  22. #22 Romantic Day Off

    In preparation for an extremely important romantic date, such as a marriage proposal, employees may be entitled to receive a day off (only once a year).

  23. #23 Heartbreak Holiday

    The company allows their staff to take holidays to get over lost love. The President believes such difficult experiences can actually help to enhance one’s life.

  24. #24 Wedding Anniversary Holiday

    The company encourages its employees to take a day off for their wedding anniversaries, to thank their partner for their support.

  25. #25 Divorce Holiday

    Employees are allowed to take a day off to get their affairs in order when experiencing a divorce.

  26. #26 Employee Appreciation Breakfast

    Corporate officers serve, or even cook, breakfast for their staff on Labor Thanks Giving Day, to show appreciation for their hard work.

  27. #27 Sunny’s Advantage

    Since the company has close relationships with various media and clients, employees may frequently receive new products, vouchers, or popular event/venue tickets.

  28. #28 English Skills Advancement

    The company offers private English lessons at the office. As the company expands its business globally, more and more employees have been taking advantage of the classes.

  29. #29 April Free Lunch
    Supporting new employees’ integration into the team

    Exclusively available to newly graduated employees to help them adjust to their new working environment, candidates are eligible to select a member of company management to buy them lunch.
    Note: In this scheme, hierarchy becomes irrelevant!

  30. #30 Dear WOMAN

    In a groundbreaking benefit for a Japanese corporation, we offer financial support for freezing and preservation of eggs. By broadening options for career-life balance, we provide a bit of extra support, allowing employees to pursue their life desires.

  31. #31 Partnership

    We have a company culture of acceptance, and a respect for diversity. Based on this principle, and in order to keep pace with the times, we have established a new regulation. A monetary bonus is given for marriage and childbirth, and time off for weddings is also available for same-sex marriage as well as de facto relationships

  32. #32 “A” rating of Health Bonus

    Employees who achieve an overall “A” rating on their annual physical check up can receive a bonus of ¥32,000. Near obese or obese individuals can also benefit and receive a bonus of ¥10,000, if they achieve the average health standard the following year.

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