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SSU’s History

  • SUNNY SIDE UP Inc. is established (SSU)

    Sunny Side Up is established in Nakano, Tokyo, as a corporate PR agency.

  • Athlete Management business begins

    The first management agreement is established with professional triathlete, Hideya Miyazuka. SSU succeeds in increasing public awareness of triathlon as a sport, ultimately enhancing the athlete’s name recognition and status.

  • J-League starts. Management of professional soccer players begins

    The management agreement with Masakiyo Maezono triggers the management of professional soccer players. The Sports Marketing business model is established, and SSU acts as an agent for professional athletes in business areas where their teams cannot provide assistance.

  • Arrangement of Michael Jackson’s private visit to Japan

  • Head office is relocated to Aizumicho in Shinjuku, Tokyo

  • SSU shifts athletes’ image rights business into high gear

    The Japanese soccer team qualifies for the Olympic Games for the first time in 28 years. SSU shifts athletes’ image rights business into high gear and secures several advertisement agreements, helping to enhance the commercial value of athletes and supporting their professional life.

  • Management agreement is established with Hidetoshi Nakata (soccer player)

    Relying on knowledge from our PR background, SSU’s comprehensive branding strategy for athletes is established. It is recognized as the management model for sport athletes in Japan.

  • Over one billion yen in sales

  • The Entertainment Business division is established, and Content Development business is started

    Based on our PR background, Sports Management and Content Development are reinforced. Management services also expands to include entertainers/artists and other specialists outside of the sports sector. In addition, SSU offers Business Development services.


Management agreement is established with Kosuke Kitajima (swimmer)

SSU establishes a new business model that takes advantage of the value and experience of sports athletes to help enhance a corporation or product`s brand value. This method becomes a new standard of brand development.

  • Head office is relocated to Sendagaya in Shibuya, Tokyo

  • SSU organizes the White Band Project in Japan, as part of the Make Poverty History campaign

    SSU succeeds in establishing a business model for social businesses based on a PR approach.

  • wise integration co., ltd. SSU’s group company

    In an effort to grow beyond standard PR services, SSU adds Sales Promotion to its menu, symbolizing our desire to continue to evolve and expand.

  • Tokyo Street Athletics is held in Tokyo’s Marunouchi district

    Based on an idea from athlete Dai Tamesue, SSU organizes “Tokyo Street Athletics”, promoting the appeal of athletic sports to the public. SSU becomes actively involved in using PR activities to relay the appeal of athletic sports to a wide audience. The event is the catalyst for our comprehensive Sports Marketing business.

  • SSU shares are listed publicly on the Osaka Stock Exchange’s Hercules (currently JASDAQ)
    The total number of employees exceeds 100

  • The first restaurant “bills” opens in Shichirigahama, Kamakura

    SSU secures a long term contract with Bill Granger, the Australizan restaurateur serving the world’s best breakfast. The restaurant “bills” opens its doors at its first location, and kicks off a pancake sensation in Japan. It also creates a new breakfast culture that did not previously exist in Japan.

  • Head office is relocated enabling Wise Integration to share the same office space

    Creating an office environment that encourages synergy and cooperation among the various group companies.

  • SSU secures an advertising and PR contract with JAXA for “Kibo”, the Exposed Facility of the Japanese Experiment Module at the International Space Station

  • The second “bills” restaurant in Japan opens at the Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama

  • SSU evolves into a “Creative PR Enterprise”

    Evolving into a “Creative PR Enterprise”, SSU offers an expansive range of services that has resulted from the diversification and globalization of its activities.

  • The third “bills” restaurant in Japan opens at Odaiba

  • Over 10 billion Yen sales

  • SSU is actively involved with PR activities in London 2012

    During the London Olympic Games, SSU conducts publicity activities such as press conferences and interviews of the athletes representing Japan at Japan House, organized by JOC. SSU also organizes the event ARIGATO in LONDON, in appreciation for the worldwide support following the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster.

  • SSU establishes Kumnamu Entertainment Inc., mainly casting famous figures

    SSU reinforces content production combining Casting with Talent Management. SSU provides a one-stop total solution service for CM production as well as project planning.

  • The fourth “bills” restaurant in Japan opens at Tokyu Plaza Omotesando in Harajuku.

  • SSU runs the Sports-no-chikara project in support of the Tokyo Olympic Games

    SSU organizes several events including TOKYO SNOW&ICE; a ski slope in Roppongi; the Tohoku Sports Summit with legendary athletes such as Carl Lewis; and Candle Art Illuminates Wish, as part of Tokyo’s bid for the 2020 Olympic Games.

  • The Movement Party strategy division is established

    SSU becomes proactive, seeking out opportunities for business expansion based on its extensive experience and vast network.

  • “Give, Get Given”: SSU is the official representative for RockCorps in Japan

    “Give 4 hours for your community with RockCorps; receive 1 ticket for an amazing celebration in return”. SSU organizes the first RockCorps event in Asia, using music to inspire people to volunteer.

  • The OMOTENASHI NIPPON project starts

    SSU creates a new business model with the theme “Omotenashi”, to disseminate information about Japanese hospitality towards 2020.

  • The Global Communications Unit (GCU) is established

    GCU supports foreign products and organizations with their launch and development in Japan.

  • Overseas branches of bills open in Waikiki and Seoul

  • SUNNY SIDE UP CAREER. Inc. is established

    SSU establishes a new subsidiary specializing in Human Resources.

  • 30th Anniversary

  • Launch of SSU Diversity Lab

    Based on the slogan “We’re all the same, because We’re all different”, this project aims to heighten awareness of diversity issues both within the company and in Japan as a whole.

  • The fifth “bills” restaurant in Japan opens in Futakotamagawa

  • Bulbous Cell Media Group joins list of SSU susidiaries

    SSU acquires the media company with more than 40 years of history publishing “Tokyo Weekender”, an English lifestyle magazine targeting expats. This acquisition also enables SSU to strengthen inbound marketing services.

  • ENGAWA Co., Ltd. is established

    Its 9th subsidiary, ENGAWA’s role is to share Japan’s unique culture with the world. Its flagship projects are OMOTENASHI NIPPON and the OMOTENASHI Selection project.

  • SSU ranks 19th in GLOBAL TOP 250 PR AGENCY RANKING 2016

    Highest ranking Japanese PR agency.

  • Awarded PRWeek Asia Best Places to Work 2016

    One of 3 mid-size agencies chosen in Asia, only PR agency in Japan.

  • The sixth and seventh “bills” restaurants in Japan open in Fukuoka and Ginza, as well as the third overseas location in S. Korea

  • SSU receives Stevie Awards recognitions (“Oscars of the business world”)

    First Japanese PR agency to be honored, SSU receives the Bronze Stevie Award for Public Relations Agency of the Year (China, Japan and Korea) category in The 13th Annual International Business Awards.

    SSU was recognized for its contribution to women in the work force with a Gold Stevie Award for “Women-Run Workplace of the Year More than 10 employees” and Silver Stevie Award for “Female Executive of the Year in Asia, Australia or New Zealand” in the Stevie Awards for Women in Business 2016.

  • SSU ranks 19th in GLOBAL TOP 250 PR AGENCY RANKING 2017

    Highest ranking Japanese PR agency for the 2nd consecutive year.

  • SSU ranks 17th in PRWeek Agency Business Report 2017

    Highest ranking Japanese PR agency.

  • SSU receives Stevie Awards recognitions (“Oscars of the business world”)

    SSU receives a Silver Stevie Award for “Most Innovative Public Relations Agency of the Year” and a Bronze for “Award for the Innovation in the Use of Events” at the 2017 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards.

    SSU is a triple winner at the International Business Awards with a Gold for “Communications or PR Campaign/Program of the Year – Arts & Entertainment”, a Silver for “Communications or PR Campaign of the Year – Events & Observances” and a Bronze for “Communications or PR Campaign/Program of the Year – Internal Communications”.

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